Undergoing surgery with me...

Many of us can operate, and we do it well.

If you choose me as your surgeon, I know you will feel cared for on what is an unfamiliar and potentially frightening journey.

I do things differently to many, because I work in a different way - 

if you give me the opportunity to care for you, you will not be disappointed.

I have been fortunate to have a low rate of complications to date. This is because I am meticulous, take my time and ensure, to the best my team and I can, I am offering you the right procedure at the right time with the best preparation. I will never be able to guarantee you there will be no problems, but I will always guarantee you I will do my best and be there with you, caring for you.

I believe in the public system in Australia and will offer you fair advice as to the pros and cons of public v private treatment. I do not work in the public sector, but have collegial relationships to ensure you obtain the treatment you need in a timely manner if the public system is our choice.

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