Who am I?

Choosing a surgeon is important - knowing who will be sharing the journey with you and feeling confident in that person and their qualifications makes a difference......

I am a privately based Colorectal and General Surgeon and Conjoint Committee certified and recertified endoscopist. I worked in public at the Northern Hospital for almost 10 years until I made a choice for a work-life balance in 2016. I currently do not work in the public hospital system but maintain active connections.

I am a Senior Lecturer in Surgery and Medical Education, and the Northern Clinical School Research Programme Co-ordinator with the University of Melbourne. Most recently I have been leading the Redesign of the MD2 surgical curriculum across all surgical specialties.

I'm a Kiwi and have been doing this for a while! I graduated MBChB from Otago University (NZ) in 1996 then FRACS in 2006 with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Surgeons. I undertook colorectal specialty training at Guys and St Thomas’s and UCLH, London, and various hospitals across Australia with the Colorectal Surgical Society of Australia and New Zealand. I completed a Masters in Public Health through Monash University in 2018 with high distinction, and a Graduate Course in Ultrasound with the University of Melbourne 2023.

I have recently been a working party member for the Australian Commission for Quality, Health and Safety and an advisor and media representative to the Victorian Department of Health and Cancer Council Australia. I was the lead author for the recently updated surveillance after adenoma resection national guidelines, co-author for the peri-operative optimisation guidelines and a working party member for the full screening and surveillance guidelines for colorectal cancer. I contract to TMLEP for the provision of expert medicolegal advice and opinions.

I locum across the country for interest, to explore different environments and to experience first-hand the challenges experienced by systems, clinicians and patients. My work has taken me across rural, regional and metropolitan Queensland, NSW, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria. I truly understand the difficulties faced by all Australians in accessing healthcare.

My research interests are pre-dominantly in the colorectal field with major interest in fostering multi-site and multi-disciplinary collaborations, improving the pathway prior to diagnosis of colorectal cancer, measuring and improving surgical standards, service optimisation and efficiency, e-programmes, optimising psychology and physiology to improve outcome in colorectal surgery and targeted community-based strategies to improve cancer outcomes.

And for you? I am a surgeon who does it differently. I will do my best for you and if there is more you need than what I can offer, I will advise and refer you appropriately.

I have had the privilege of moving to a life where I can balance work and personal interests which keeps me grounded and able to offer more as I am energised and engaged for everything I do. I have a (nearly) 10 year old daughter. She, my partner, and those I come across every day inspire and guide me to be a better person. I take the opportunity to learn and grow wherever the chance arises.

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