Continuing Professional Development

I believe in the importance of keeping up-to-date and actively maintain my knowledge and skills. My interests are varied and I undertake courses where appropriate. Development of potential and leadership is as important to me as technical expertise and I have enjoyed the opportunities I have had in this arena.

CPD yearly requirements (Royal Australasian College of Surgeons - RACS)

2023 Teaching Communication Skills in the Clinical Workplace

2022 Appropriate behaviour in the Workplace

2022 Cultural aspects in Healthcare

2022 Graduate Certificate in Clinical Ultrasound

2016 Contributing to Innovation, University of Melbourne

2015 Media training, Cancer Council Victoria

2015 Foundation for Teaching in Surgery, RACS

2015 Safer Australian Surgical Teamwork, RACS

2015 Collaboration in Health and Medical Research, NFMRI and IRU

2015 Surgical Teacher’s Course, Melbourne, NZ

2014 Practical Methods for Health Economic Evaluation, University of Tasmania

2014 Advanced Leadership Course, Women in Leadership Australia, Melbourne

2014 Strategy and Risk Management for Surgeons, Australian School of Business, Brisbane

2013 Basic Health Economics, University of Melbourne

2012 Low Rectal Cancer Surgical Technique Course, Valencia, Spain

2012 Extra-Levator APE Vesalius Surgical Training Workshop, Bristol UK

2011 Endoanal Ultrasound Course, Melbourne, Australia

2010 Communication for Cancer Clinicians, Melbourne, Australia

2010 SAT SET Course, Melbourne, Australia

2008 Laparoscopic Colorectal Course, Adelaide, Australia

2007 Laparoscopic Hernia Workshop, Hamburg, Germany

2007 Endo-Anal Ultrasound Workshop, Glasgow, Scotland

2006 Definitive Surgical Trauma Care Course, Auckland, NZ

2000 Emergency Management of Severe Trauma Course, Auckland