Leadership and Engagement


Invited Chapter Lead for NHMRC Surveillance Guidelines Revision 2015-current

Invited member NHMRC panel for the review of Colorectal Cancer Guidelines 2015-current

Invited team member of Colorectal Cancer Think Tank, Melbourne 2015

Invited team member on the DOH-led panel for Colonoscopy Categorisation 2015

Invited team member ACSQH panel for A national safety and quality model for colonoscopy services 2015

Cancer Council Australia, Working Party for the development of Guidelines for Surveillance

Invited reviewer Cancer Council Australia booklet “Understanding Bowel Cancer”


The Colorectal Research Collaborative (CoResC)

Clinical Network Gastrointestinal Cancer Committee for Cancer Council Victoria

Victorian Colorectal Tumour Stream Working Party

Invited participant McKinsey-led review of Victorian Cancer Services

Royal Australasian College of Surgeons:

Examiner for the RACS

Reviewer Australian-New Zealand Journal of Surgery

Reviewer of medicolegal reports

First and Second Line assessor for the Victorian Surgical Audit of Morbidity and Mortality

Chair for the Short-Papers Research session of the Australasian College of Surgeons Annual Scientific Congress 2014

University of Melbourne:


Lead for Surgical MD2 curriculum redesign

Research Academic Co-ordinator Northern Clinical School

Discovery Project Advisory Group Member

Research Advisory Group Member

Academic Support Team Member

Medical student lecturer (surgery, EHR, long cases, professional practice, research methods)

Multiple areas of collaboration with Departments within the University of Melbourne and Clinical Schools

Demonstrator Melbourne Medical School, Department of Surgery research videos

NHTTRP Teaching and Research Working Group member

Examiner for Honours and Scholarly Selective Students 2012-

Northern Health:

Acting Head of the Academic Department of Surgery 2015

Specific decision to invite collaboration with another specialty on all research projects

Specific decision to foster collaborative relationships amongst disciplines and institutions

Collaboration with UoM other Academics in order to create a collaborative environment

Northern Health Centre for Health, Education and Research, Working Party Member

Northern Health Ethics Committee member 2012-2015

Northern Health Research Group

Low-risk Ethics Committee reviewer 2012-2015

Colorectal MDM Chair and team member

Northern Health Strategic Working Party group

Surgical representative on the Clinical Review Panel

Senior Medical Staff Association member

I have been active in the development of clinical pathways for pre-operative anaemia, post-operative orders documentation and early discharge initiatives.

I led a multi-disciplinary team for those involved in the care of colorectal patients with the aim of optimising peri-operative care