Research interests

My research interests  centre on queries arising in the course of my work - a subjective impression is confirmed objectively followed by a plan of action. Predominantly, I focus on peri-operative care and system improvements and efficiency.


2014 Monash Online Ethics Course

2013 Supervisors for Post-graduate Studies Course, University of Melbourne

2011 VMIA series of Research Lectures

2011 Statistics for Surgeons Course, Sydney, Australia

2011 Critical Evaluation of the Literature, Wellington, New Zealand

Oral Presentations


ASC 2014  ERAS Principles and the Emergency patient. J Wisely and K Barclay

ASC 2012  Long-term Follow-Up of Malignant Polyps. K Barclay, P Crowley and A Bui

ASC 2012  Safety and Efficacy of an All-Comer’s Approach to an ERAS Programme. K Barclay

ASC 2012  Increased use of Guidelines could Decrease Colonoscopy Burden. K Barclay

ANZGOSA 2012  Choledocholithiasis at the Northern Hospital – Investigation and Intervention. M Mian, S Joglekar and K Barclay

ASC 2004  New management strategies for gangrenous or perforated appendicitis. K Barclay and K Pringle

ASTS 2000  Sequential changes in resting energy expenditure and body composition in patients undergoing liver transplantation. K.L. Barclay, L.D. Plank, D.J. Metzger, J.L. McCall, E.J. Gane, S.R. Munn, G.L. Hill

AASLD 1999  Protein Depletion and Physiologic Deficit Correlate with Severity of Liver Disease. Barclay K, Plank L, Metzger D, Brokenshire E, Munn S, Gane E & Hill G

Australasian Dietetics1999 - Lessons From Body Composition in End-Stage Liver Disease. Barclay KL, Plank LD, Munn SR, Gane E, Hill GL

Hepatic Pathology 1994 - Sinusoidal endothelial cell properties in extra-medullary haematopoiesis. Barclay KL, Yeong ML and Carter J. Kyoto, Japan

 TPN Seminar 1999 - Important considerations in assessment for parenteral nutrition. Barclay KL

National and Local:

VSM 2012 Hypothermia in Major Colorectal Surgery, O Mehta and K Barclay

VSM 2011 Intravenous Fluid Use in Colorectal Surgery, K Barclay

CSSANZ 2009 Current Management of Rectal Prolapse, K Barclay

CSSANZ 2008 Anastomotic Techniques in Colorectal Surgery, K Barclay

 Repeated Audit and Grand Round Presentations 1999-current

Poster presentations


ASC 2013 Socioeconomic disadvantage and demographic characteristics as factors in stage of colorectal cancer at presentation and survival. K Barclay, PJ Goh, T Jackson

ASC 2013 Peri-operative Hypothermia in Patients undergoing major Colorectal Surgery. K Barclay and OMehta

ASC 2013 Patterns of Nausea and Vomiting and Bowel Function in Colorectal Patients in Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, Y Zhu and K Barclay

ASC 2012 The Increased use of Guidelines could Decrease the Burden of Colonoscopy for Follow-Up. K Barclay

ASC 2012 The Impact of Follow-up after Colonoscopy on Outpatient Clinics. K Barclay

ASC 2012 The Safety and Efficacy of an All-Comer’s Approach to an ERAS Programme. K Barclay

ASC 2010 Important communication factors in Surgery for Colorectal Cancer – a patient’s perspective. S Lee and K Barclay


VSM 2016 Renal function and colorectal surgery within an ERAS programme. D West and K Barclay

VSM 2016 The National Bowel Cancer Screenign Programme – the Northern Health experience. M Overdevest and K Barclay

VSM Case Report – Typhilitis. C Lee and K Barclay


 Northern Health Research Week

2016 The haematology of colorectal cancer. W Chiu and K Barclay

2016 Detecting a genetic predisposititon to colorectal cancer. F Rahmann and K Barclay

2016 Renal failure and colorectal surgery in the ERAS era. D West and K Barclay

2016 Ostomate satisfaction at the Northern. L Fairweather and K Barclay

2016 The NBCSP at the Northern. M Overdevest and K Barclay

2015 MRI and rectal cancer – a review. P Poon and K Barclay

2015 Coding and complications. K Barclay, P Poon, T Jackson

2015 ERAS and the emergency surgical patient. J Wisely and K Barclay

2011 The effect of acculturation on stage at presentation of colorectal cancer. Holland F, P Poon, Hutchinson A, Barclay K

2011 Breast-conserving surgery for malignancy: The role of repeat resection. Soetiono A, Ewing H, Barclay K

2011 Choledocholithiasis at the Northern Hospital: Patterns of investigation and intervention. Mian M, Joglekar S, Barclay K

2011 Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS): The Northern Health experience. Barclay K, Gilliver T, Poon P, Zhu Y