Without the team who works with and supports me, I am unable to do the things I do. I take this opportunity to acknowledge them.

The list below is a reflection of those who have been most influential lately - watch this space for others in due course!

Professional services:

Resume writing and design - Ms Mia Vacirca www.mcvcareers.com

Billing and accounting - Mr Dean Brumale www.drbillingservice.com.au

Ms Amanda Johnson, Marketing and Project Management


PA and Publicity - Denise Barclay

Marketing - Ms Nicole Cook


Legal Advice - CIE Legal Claire Humphries


Accountants and Business Advisers - Kurt Sawatzki


Financial Planning - Matthew Wilson


The team at Jacaranda Consulting Suites

The team at Northpark Private Hospital

The team at Warringal Private Hospital

Colleagues and friends:

Dr Shamilah Lachal Gastroenterologist

Ms Sophie Skalkos, Specialist Dietician

Ms Tanya Gilliver, Specialist Dietician

Professor Hamish Ewing

Dr Leonie Griffiths

Dr Amanda Baric

Ms Varsha Lal

Mr Neil Strugnell

Mr Andrew Bui

Mr Arun Dhir

Miss Betty Lai

Mr Michael Isaac

Thank you to the following surgical assistants:

Dr Frank Luo

Dr Daniel Stigson

Dr Sean Stevens

Dr Shannon McGrath

Dr Stefan Herotodu